Standard cakes contain 4 layers of cake and stand approx 6" tall

6” (10-20 serves) from $110 
7” (15-30 serves) from $150 
8” (20-40 serves) from $180 
10” (35-70 serves) from $290 
12” (50-100 serves) from $450

Tall cakes contain 6 layers of cake separated by a dividing cake board and stand approx 12" tall

6” (20-40 serves) from $200 
7” (30-60 serves) from $280 
8” (40-80 serves) from $350 
10” (70-140 serves) from $550

Big party? Tiered cakes not only look impressive, but will feed plenty of guests. You can choose a different flavour for each tier.

2 tier small (15-30 serves) from $250 
2 tier standard (30-60 serves) from $350 

3 tier medium (50-100 serves) from $500 

additional extras:

  • Custom decorations: chocolate sails, edible flowers, giant donuts, melting icecream cones, loaded chocolate bars/lollies, 24k edible gold /silver leaf, macarons etc - from $30

  • Fresh flowers (for weddings we recommend using your wedding florist to ensure continuity) - from $40

  • Delivery is subject to availability, contact us to arrange - starts at $50  

  • Custom acrylic toppers - from $50

Quality Promise

You will never find a cage egg in any of our cakes - we source free range eggs from the Adelaide Hills, our dairy from The Fleurieu Milk Company & only use fresh, Australian cultured butter. We are passionate about using the finest quality ingredients to ensure we produce the best tasting cakes. 


Callebaut Belgian chocolate is a staple in top pastry kitchens all over the world. We exclusively use Callebaut couverture chocolate in all of our cakes. While it's a little more expensive than your grocery store chocolate, we think the quality is worth the price, and is part of the reason our cakes taste so good.